High Springs GUE training

Another Update!

I’ve been slacking on current events! The last few weeks have been busy and productive. We’ve had a number of great courses and I was also able to take a quick trip back to my homeland in Oklahoma to see the family.

Our newest GUE Instructor candidates Jason, Forest, and Mr. G officially completed their instructor training course with GUE assistant training director Kirill Egorov. I had the opportunity to be a “student” for them during dives and field drills. It was great for me to get a short refresher on the details of being an instructor. Even after consistently teaching a number of courses, I still love picking up new ideas and tips from other divers and brushing up on technique. Hopefully the guys won’t hold my abysmal, alter-ego “student” skills against me for too long.

Two more fundamentals courses have came and went with 5 divers all completing the course. It was a great mix of students from across the country (Alabama, Virginia, Connecticut, and Georgia). Conditions have been great as long as you are prepared for the summer heat! As you can see from the photos, this time of year brings added challenges as we share our dive sites with non-divers. It was late in the afternoon and my best guess is that our friend in the tube had enough adult beverages to not notice the difference between a rock and a moving set of doubles ;). Congratulations to everyone and I know I’ll see you many of you again soon! Lastly, a big thanks to my man Shannon for coming to help with the classes and take over video duty. It makes my life a lot easier with a solid video guy and teammate.

Keep an eye out for more updates! We’ve got more courses scheduled throughout the rest of the year and some fun primers coming up.

Safe diving.

– Kyle